With teaching, grant applications and associated administrative tasks, your focused research time is limited. Further research time can be lost processing Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) for your lab’s research toolsMaking your research tools available through Ximbio increases the time you have to focus on what you do best: research. 

Ximbio is a non-profitpart of Cancer Research UK, and has partnered with researchers from 170+ institutes to make their research tools (incl. animal models, antibodies, small molecules, cell lines, etc.) easily accessible worldwide. We work closely with our partners and enhance lab productivity by: 

Assisting across the entire process of making your research tools widely available 

We have developed the expertiseglobal presence and operational structure to assist you and your lab in sourcing and managing your research tools (including all the associated production and shipping logistics). 

Protecting your Intellectual Property

Without the appropriate legal safeguards in place, you have no control over how other researchers use your research tools. We ensure other researchers agree to adhere to your material use preferences before making your research tools accessible. 

Potential income for your lab and institute 

Revenue generated from making your research tools available globally is shared back with your lab and institute. As research tools can prove popular for decades, you can potentially create a perpetual stream of revenue by partnering with us.