Ximbio raises awareness of your lab, your research and research tools across a broad range of researchers through its international presence and global network by: 

Increasing your lab’s and institute’s profile worldwide

Our portfolio displays the inventing researcher and institute along with the relevant research papers, helping other scientists to find more information on you and your research, providing potential new collaboration opportunities. 

Taking advantage of a global network of researchers

Our global partnerships with researchers at 170institutes, allows us to promote your research tools to a ready-made audience, providing the potential for your research tools to be used in research areas and projects worldwide, that could extend beyond your research area. 

“I think Ximbio is an interesting mode of action, which has a lot of potential benefit to amplify the benefits of previous research, by not allowing important biological tools to be lost. Tools which I developed long ago in my PhD can be made available to whoever wants to use them.” 

Prof. Pierre Schembri Wismayer