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How we can help

Finding and identifying new and unique research tools before your competitors can be a tough challenge for life science organisations. The time-consuming nature of the research tool process and difficulties in getting research tool information from institutes can contribute to the challenges you face. We can help.

Partnering with us, provides you with access to our easy-to-use portfolio, helping you find the research tools you need. We also support you in the promotion of your organisation and your research tools to a global audience of researchers and other life science organisations and pharma companies.

Why use Ximbio?

Increase your reach – Promote your organisation and research tool portfolio to a global audience of over 150 institutes and more than 350 life science organisations.

Access new reagent sources – Take advantage of Ximbio’s connections with researchers and institutes worldwide, who have not previously shared their research tools with life science companies

Promote your organisation – Become one of Ximbio’s research tool suppliers and be listed on the Ximbio website against your licensed research tools, driving traffic and sales to your website.

Expand your product portfolios – Our online research tool portfolio allows you to simply and easily find new and unique research tools to add to your research tool portfolio

Simplify your reagent licensing process – Ximbio’s existing relationships with institutes allows you to license and obtain new research tools quickly, without the hassle of having to carry out due diligence checks. In addition, we can provide OEM services, ensuring you receive your new research tools quickly and hassle free.


Working with us

Expand your product catalogue

Access a diverse variety of research tools, including special access to tools developed by Cancer Research UK, through our portfolio.

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Have a particular tool in mind or interested in a longer term partnership?