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How we can help

TTOs can outsource the management of their research tool portfolio to Ximbio, which acts as an extension of the technology transfer office. The service Ximbio provides covers the full spectrum of research tool commercialisation from sourcing, storage, and production, to sales, licensing, MTA fulfilment and royalty management. Therefore, Inventors and TTOs do not need to supply research tools directly to end users and our storage facilities secure the research tools for the future.

Our experience

Technology transfer offices benefit from Ximbio’s existing relationships and master agreements with more than 200 life science companies. The extensive resources Ximbio provides makes the commercialisation of research tools simple with licences and agreements already in place.

Our mission

Ximbio enables scientists and institutions to raise their profile by making their research tools available to the global life science community. Research tools are linked to the originating inventor and institution on our website Financial returns from research tools are shared back.

Ximbio helps technology transfer offices build relationships with their scientists. Research tools that may not have otherwise been commercialised due to the requirement of time and resource can now be made easily available to both the academic and commercial scientific community. Ximbio acts at scale and makes this process efficient and profitable.

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 Why use Ximbio?

  • Market reach and deal experience with our life science research tool partners
  • With our relationships with repositories we store and protect your research tools
  • We can manufacture and reproduce your research tools and deliver finished products to the end user or licensee
  • Ximbio’s extensive infrastructure saves time and provides added resources to your TTO
  • Like most TTOs, Ximbio is a non-profit, so our missions' are aligned 

Our success stories 

University of Cambridge - Technology Transfer Office 

University of Lancaster - Research & Enterprise Services



5 Reasons why Technology Transfer Offices work with Ximbio

Ximbio manages the commercialisation of research tools from many universities and biotechnology companies, acting like an extension of the tech transfer office. Here are five reasons a growing number of organisations are choosing to work with us:

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